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Summer Street TV


Summer Street started life in 2006 as a right royal mickey take of the Australian soaps of the 1990's. It was, at that stage, a juke box musical using songs from the pop acts of the era. It was fun, silly and entertaining but it soon became clear that the characters in the show had another story to tell; the story of fame, celebrity, money and supermarket openings! In the 10 years since that first draft, Summer Street has grown into a fully fledged, original musical packed full of pastiche musical numbers, satirical soap scenes and most of all heart.This development culminated in a successful concert performance in November 2016 at The Old Red Lion, London. From the very first day Andrew, the writer and composer put pen to paper (well finger to keyboard), Summer Street has developed from a series of comedy sketches, funny characters and silly names into a full scale, original musical comedy. 

Andrew would like to thank the following people for their talents, creativity and for their help in bringing the show to life in our numerous workshops and readings. Thanks to:

Keddy Sutton, Wendy Peters, Katherine Mount, Theresa Barlow, Cassie Vallance, Nick Underwood, Duncan Walsh-Atkins, Ashley Walsh, Grace Taylor, Mario Fendo, Julie Clare, Myke Cotton, Sarah-Louise Young, Simon Snashall and the final year students of PPA Academy 2016.